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We're all about using every inch of material we can at Leanne Marshall!

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Leanne recently created this stunner using only leftover pieces from other gowns. It is a usual occurrence of Leanne to create magnificent pieces by giving some TLC to scrap fabric that would normally be thrown away. The one-of-a-kind gown is available for purchase through the link below.

"This is a one of a kind remnant gown. All proceeds from the sale of this gown will go directly to the Council for Textile Recycling- A foundation with a mission of keeping all textile, clothing and footwear from ending up in landfills.

This gown was made entirely from small remnant leftover cuts and pieces. Some of these pieces were ends of the bolt, not large enough for our regular patterns. Some were discards because they did not meet QC due to variations in the dye-lots. They are small pieces that we end up with and save, because we will not put scrap material into the landfill. We will find a re-use for it, and this gown is one of those re-uses.

Now, about this gorgeous dress:
One size 4 only - brand new prototype, pristine condition.

This stunning gown is made of a lovely fine silk chiffon, super light and floaty. (it's the material we use for our Lea, Stella, Isabella gowns). The skirt is made from multiple panels. These were all random pieces of the same chiffon material, but there are very subtle dye-lot differences.

There is an attached twisted silk chiffon belt at the waist that can be tied into a beautiful bow or just knotted at the back and left to hang.

The retail price should be at $3495. This gown is truly a masterpiece. And it's using materials that many companies would probably throw away. With all the proceeds going to a good cause, you can truly feel that your wedding dress serves much more than to just make you look gorgeous. (which you will, of course)" -@leannemarshalloffical

View the full post and details to purchase here

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